There is no other plane currently available that is as good of a Value as the ENVOY.

To ensure the highest quality control and the quickest possible completion times, Sreya Aviation is currently offering a complete package price (this will entail the builder working at our center for 3-4 weeks to qualify as a home-built), which includes completely finishing the aircraft for you – to your specifications – as listed below:

Airframe Kit (Fast Build): $199,000.00
Complete Airframe
Landing Gear (Fixed)
Wheels, Brakes & Tires
Control Systems & Hardware Kit
Pitot System, Static Discharge
Nav Lights & Strobes
CH Control Sticks
Trim System (Elev & Aileron)

Interior Kit: $25,000.00
Interior panels (AC leather or fabric)
Semi-Custom seats (AC leather)
Carpet and Shades
Cabin & Reading Lights
Air Vents & Cabin Heat
Dual Screen AV System
Oxygen System (6 place)
Includes Installation

Avionics Panel: $127,000.00
OP Technologies (3 screen Integrated)
TruTrak Autopilot
Audio Panel
Dynon EFIS
WCS Annunciator (20)
VR Display
Carling Switches (customized)
Circuit Breakers, knobs & controls
Custom Wiring Harnesses
Includes Installation

Complete Firewall Forward $98,000.00
Walter 601D (Diemech IRAN)*
Avia Propeller (3 blade CS) & Spinner
Engine Mount & Wiring Harness
Custom Power Quadrant
VR Electronic Limiter
Batteries, regulators, etc.
Includes Installation

Builder Assist (during FAA required "majority items) $35,000.00
Paint & Finish $15,000.00
*Price subject to change based on availability and hours remaining.
New engines and alternate manufacturer’s also available.

(Low Wing, Fixed Tricycle Gear)

(Low Wing, Retractable Gear, Pressurized)

Unlike some kits and completion centers, our price includes everything you need to have a "ready to fly" aircraft – including all labor (permitted by FAA regulations). The only options (except different engines) that are available are listed below:

F.L.I.R. Camera • Radar • De-Ice System • Lighting Protection
Air Conditioning • Airbag Restraint System • Seat Heaters
Multi-Screen AV System • Entertainment Upgrade on Panel
Pilot Door (high wing only) • Deluxe Wing Tips (upgrade)